Adorably odd animal facts


Learning about animals can be incredibly fun.
If you find the right facts.

The Seattle Aquarium is equal parts entertainment and education. So to convince the entire family to visit, we appealed to both key audiences: parents looking for a rewarding and enjoyable experience, and kids who want to have fun.

As an added challenge, the aquarium is located in the middle of a massive multi-year waterfront renovation, so aquarium-goers must battle traffic, dust and noise to get to the ticket counter. 

Illustration of a cute puffin holding many small fish in its beak

We dug deep for animal oddities

The kind of things that don’t feel like a school lesson (animals that poop sand, anyone?). Then we brought our facts to life with adorably approachable custom illustrations used in a media mix of out-of-home, radio, digital display and online video.  

Illustration of fish near the ocean floor Play video
Illustration of puffin bird with many tiny fish in its beak Play video
Illustration of cute sea otter eating Play video
Illustration of newscaster reporting on sea life Play video

You don’t educate people by telling them useful things. You educate people by telling them interesting things.

– Mathematician John Conway –


Land lovers loved it

The ongoing campaign has been a regular at the OBIE Awards for best out-of-home campaigns in the U.S. and took home the coveted Best of Show in year one of the campaign.

Transit ad for Seattle Aquarium
Illustrated transit ad for Seattle Aquarium with fish-eating anemone
Illustrated transit ad for Seattle Aquarium with baby skate
Illustrated transit ad for Seattle Aquarium with scuba diver waving
Illustrated ad for Seattle Aquarium with cute sea otter
Illustrated transit ad for Seattle Aquarium with octopus
Illustrated icon of a megaphone, representing excitement or news

Otter love gets gamified

Through our Facebook partnership, we were given the opportunity to test a new interactive unit: an infeed game. Players reunite otters who had drifted apart, without leaving the Facebook interface. It drove the highest volume of playthroughs and engagement to date, a direct result of strong creative execution and strategic retargeting tactics.

Plus, we helped that little guy find his friend. Win-win-win. 

The Smashing Results

Illustrated icon of a megaphone, illustrating excitement or news
Illustrated icon with raised hands, representing an increase in attendance
Illustrated icon of a shopping cart with up arrow, representing conversion or sales