Do great things

Whether you’re just getting started or a seasoned pro, Copacino Fujikado could be the perfect place for you. Assuming you care about stuff like…

Making a difference

for the agency, your clients and the community

Illustrated icon representing an increase in social media followers

Having a positive impact

beyond commercial success

Illustrated icon of two boxing gloves, representing beating sales goals

Taking on new challenges

that’ll require you to dig deep and grow

Illustrated icon of a graduation cap, representing acedemics
Illustrated icon of a light bulb, representing ideas or new thinking

Opportunity and autonomy

to learn, expand your skills, and make some wonderful mistakes and amazing work

Illustrated icon of a trophy, representing an award won

Meeting the best of the brightest

who are smart, passionate people that constantly root for each other

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Big ideas

In every. Single. Department. 

If this all sounds pretty good,
then CF might be for you.


If you don’t see a position that fits, you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn where our new openings usually show up first.


At CF, internships are meaningful. We work hard to give you an expansive view of how the agency works, and provide you with real assignments that matter.

And we offer internships year-round, including two in the summer – one of which is reserved for a first-generation college student.