There’s a lot to love about 

summer in SeaTown


As our city’s own “summer of freedom” began, the Downtown Seattle Association needed our help planning the reopening party. 

We’ve all said it: “I love Seattle.” And it’s not surface level. We mean it. We have a deep connection to our city, especially downtown.  But locals’ relationship with the city has been tested by COVID. People have stayed away. They’ve been kept apart from the place they love for far too long. 

Our challenge was to let people know it’s time to reunite, make up for lost time, and fall in love with SeaTown all over again.  So we created a vibrant campaign that would encourage people to do just that.

We wrote a poignant visual love letter to visitors from SeaTown—with a voiceover assist from a veteran wordsmith with local roots, Gifted Gab.


The loving invitations continued in Out-of-Home and Transit 

Being the first major city in the country to reach a vaccination rate of 70%, we had the permission to go wide with our messaging, touting everything from downtown shopping to delicious dim sum feasts as reasons to get down to SeaTown. 

Illustrated icon of a megaphone, representing excitement or news
Illustrated icon of a megaphone, representing excitement or news

We created Snapchat filters with neighborhood love

Geofenced around the various SeaTown neighborhoods, six specific filters allowed users to showcase the unique experience within each specific location.

Dynamic digital served up downtown recommendations in real time

We highlighted the myriad of downtown events, featured based on time of day.

So much to love, it needed its own site

We built a one-stop SeaTown site designed around finding downtown events, deals and recos you’ll love in just a single tap or click. OK, maybe two.

CF offered a diverse set of experience and perspectives. This assignment felt like it was very personal to meaningful to them, and the work showed that.

- Sally Wright, Vice President, Communications and Marketing, Downtown Seattle Association -

We made SeaTown swag too because of course we did

100% cotton. 100% cozy. When a campaign can pass the “t-shirt test,” it’s a beautiful thing.