Show up with Ste. Michelle


A 50-year-old brand in a category that celebrates “new.”

Chateau Ste. Michelle needed to grow and maintain relevance with an audience that has more wine choices than ever. And connect with a younger wine drinker who often chooses novelty over history. 

While new wine brands were focusing on fun, we noticed a new consumer trend among 30 to 40-year-old female wine drinkers: an emerging backlash against a projection of perfection, and the ability to effortlessly handle everything, from social engagements, to careers. 

Photo of a woman arriving at a party with a bottle of wine

It's become ok, even celebrated,
to acknowledge everyone is self-consious sometimes.

So we leveraged tension-filled moments with heroines who aren’t quite as confident as they may appear – but gain confidence with a bottle of CSM, a wine that's right for any occasion. 

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We showed up in social too

The CSM message went across platforms, where humblebragging has been replaced by openness, honesty and vulnerability. Custom content pieces continued the story of intimidating situations gone right. 

The Smashing Results

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