An AI engine that drives sales


Food and wine pairings are as old as, well, food and wine.

But the old standby also drives a significant percentage of grocery store wine purchasing decisions. So for Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, we found an innovative new way to get their wines on shopping lists using food pairings.

We reached out to the number one recipe site in the world,, to propose a new exclusive partnership that would match their most popular recipes to one of the many wines in Ste. Michelle’s extensive portfolio. 

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Smarter pairings meant increased sales

Leveraging a custom AI engine developed by, recipes are matched with Ste. Michelle wines using hundreds of data points. And each AI-generated pairing serves up the location of the nearest retailer for purchase. 

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Much more than an awareness play

 50% of Allrecipes users visit a grocery store within 24 hours of being on the site, often with Allrecipes-generated shopping lists in-hand. And when recipes are added to a user’s shopping list, the featured Ste. Michelle wine is added as well, getting consumers one step closer to purchase.

The exclusive partnership marks the first time a Meredith Corp. property has joined with a major advertiser to create and deliver an AI-centric program.

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From Allrecipes to InStyle

As a Meredith-owned property, the partnership goes beyond Allrecipes too. The program also includes digital media placements and custom content across Meredith platforms, including Shape, People and InStyle. 


The Smashing Results

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