CF Accepts 3 Gold and 5 Silver Addys from a Safe and Friendly Distance

Author: Copacino Fujikado

Award shows! You get dressed up. You imbibe. You hopefully win something.

 This year, we did all of those things. But like everything else in 2020, it was just a little different.

We put on fancy hats and jackets at home. Consumed beverages in our living rooms, office nooks, and basements. And oh yeah, took home some hardwaredelivered promptly to the trunk of our ECD Mike Hayward's car while it was parked behind the old Pyramid Brewery. 

Nevertheless, we had fun. And more importantly, we got recognized for some of the strongest work coming out of this great region. Overall, we were awarded for work that spanned six different campaigns and four different clients. 

GOLD: Sound Transit "The Future is Sound" TV

GOLD: Sound Transit "The Future is Sound" Social Media Campaign

GOLD: Seattle Mariners Player TV Campaign

SILVER: Intrinsic "Bring Your Self" OOH Campaign

SILVER: 14 Hands Cans "Tailgate" Integrated Campaign

SILVER: Seattle Aquarium "Fun Facts" OOH Campaign

SILVER: Seattle Mariners Player Internet Commercial Campaign

SILVER: 14 Hands Cans "Grab a Wineski, River" :30 TV