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14 Hands wine was entering the crowded canned wine category.

From 2017 to 2020, canned wine exploded from a handful of brands to over 100. With their 2019 can launch, 14 Hands needed to stand out among established brands.

Research showed millennial wine drinkers aren’t beverage-loyal: based on occasion (like hiking, tailgating, etc.) they switch to beer. 

In short, if wine felt as right as beer, our target would choose wine. We had our key insight, now we had to have a breakout campaign. 

Two cans of 14 Hands canned wine

"Grab a Wineski®" was born

While canned wines battled each other, we drafted off beer (pun intended), spoofing classic commercials to carve out space in the cooler. With the tagline “Grab A Wineski” we gave wine drinkers the freedom to enjoy a 14 Hands can in traditional beer settings.

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Copacino Fujikado is pulling up a cheeky stool to the prove that their canned ‘wineskis’ can be enjoyed in the same casual settings as ‘brewskis.’

– The Drum –

Image from Adweek magazine where Copacino Fujikado work for 14 Hands canned wine was featured.
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And the buzz continued

Well, it worked. Our "Grab a Wineski" campaign was immediately grabbed up by industry and advertising pubs alike.

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Social, digital, giveaways & partnerships drove sales

The fully-integrated plan worked across all social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest. While a tailgate giveaway collected 1st party data, an exclusive partnership with Drizly, a drink delivery service, converted to on-the-spot sales. 

"Cheers" to coolers full of wine

This campaign was refreshing for the wine industry, and more importantly, drew the attention of the young wine drinker. Thanks to a key insight, selling wine like beer helped 14 Hands fly off the shelves and into backpacks, beverage coolers and big-time tailgates. 


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The Smashing Results

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canned wine in the US within 6 months

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