Light rail is light years ahead

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With Sound Transit in construction mode, we needed people to focus on the future.

Sound Transit provides mass transportation services in the Pacific Northwest via bus, light rail and train. Unfortunately, the current system was nearing capacity until new extensions set to open in 2021 and 2023 would dramatically increase the service area and rider volume. 

Our challenge was to make riders feel good about taking Sound Transit and make taxpayers feel good about the investment being made in expansion. In short, we needed both audiences to focus on benefits to come, not the cost of construction or temporary traffic disruptions.

The future is sound

To make sure audiences could see the future, we transported them there, and demonstrated that the perceived transportation of tomorrow – including malfunction-prone jet packs and teleporters – won’t be the actual future of transportation. 

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Man floating in sky wearing a jet pack and spilling his coffee Play video
Work commuters standing in line waiting by a teleportation device Play video

These spots for Seattle's public transit agency comically imagine the challenges associated with future travel.

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The future hit the airwaves

Photo of a woman being teleported for futuristic travel

Sound Transit Radio Spot

We carried the message through to digital radio.

Billboard for Sound Transit with a woman wearing a jet pack and the headline The Future is Sound
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The future delivered to your feed

Social media was the perfect vehicle to make fun of vehicles that won’t quite live up to expectations in the years to come. With 23 pieces of content customized for specific platforms, we spread the word wide and far.

The Smashing Results

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