8 Ad Agency New Year’s Resolutions

When it comes to the advertising industry, the only constant is change. So what do CF leaders think should change in 2024?

  1. “Stop recklessly using AI where every piece of online info is your data set, and start purposefully using AI to analyze data sets you control. We’ve had amazing experiences using AI to transcribe interviews and identify themes based on that data. And we’ve created industry-specific chatbots that scrub a handful of sites for competitive research and help monitor regulatory changes. Just because AI can access everything doesn’t mean it should.”

    - Phil Flickinger
  2. “Take assumptions and personal preferences out of the media equation. We all have our biases…including us media people…but too often people say things like ‘I don’t watch ads on TikTok’ or ‘I think these units look better’ vs studying the data and historical performance to determine efficacy.”

    - Tonya Murphy
  3. “Embrace the digital savviness of 60+ audiences. People turning 60 were 39 when Facebook launched, 41 when Twitter launched, and 42 when the iPhone launched. This audience may not share the same digital addiction Gen Z does, but they have more digital expertise than advertisers give them credit for. We have multiple clients who serve the 60+ market. They’re not the stereotypes many think they are.”

    - Scott Foreman
  4. “Make iconic audio campaigns again. Adults spend 1/5th of their digital time each day listening to digital audio. Yet most digital spots feel like one offs, clumsy extensions of a larger brand campaign, or a creative afterthought. It’s a hard medium to write for but a standout campaign really stands out in the audio space. So let's bring back the creativity and attention to craft that brought us timeless campaigns like Bud Light’s 'Real Men of Genius.’

    - Andrew Gall
  5. “Use your superpowers on yourself and stop neglecting your own agency’s brand. Treat your agency like a client with dedicated time to create, nurture and grow your brand. Assign a team and set concrete measurable goals, whether that be defining your values, refreshing your content calendar, or rebuilding your website.”

    - Chris Copacino
  6. “Everything an agency offers is replicable, apart from its people. Make attracting and retaining talent a top priority. Sure, that starts with competitive salaries and benefits. But getting and keeping good people requires building a culture and business where everyone feels cared for and cared about, personally and professionally.”

    - Vince Soliven
  7. “Start by attacking the business problem. A well-defined problem leads to the best solutions. I think too many people get locked into their discipline too early and want to get right to planning, creating and executing. We let strategy lead, hone in on the business challenge, then solve it with creative solutions across the agency.”

    - John Line
  8. “Stop treating clients like ‘the client’. They’re your partner. You’ll do better work together if you bring them in early and treat them like you’re all part of the same team. Clients don’t want to be kept at arm's length any more than agencies do.”

    - Cameron Wicker