"Playing Offense" with Lisa Colantuono

Author: Chris Copacino

Introducing a new series under the Copacino Fujikado Podcast umbrella: Playing Offense. This podcast series seeks to unearth the forces and dynamics affecting our business and bring forward insight to help listeners navigate this often wild industry. It’s all in service to one of our core agency values of “playing offense,” which we define as our ability to provocatively lead and look around corners on behalf of our clients.

In this first installment, Copacino Fujikado’s Executive Director of Business Development, Chris Copacino, sat down with Lisa Colantuono, President of AAR Partners, a national agency search consultant headquartered in New York City. Lisa is somewhat of an agency search oracle given her impressive experience and ability to keep a deft finger on the pulse of the ever-changing new business scene.

In this episode, we reflect on what we saw in the 2023 new business landscape before quickly jumping ahead to the trends, forces and factors affecting the 2024 climate. We dive into what CMOs need from their agencies and the number one underlying issue driving client dissatisfaction with their agencies.

Spoiler alert: It starts with “C” and ends in “agency”.

Sit back and/or lean in (you do you) and enjoy Lisa Colantuono.

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