Agency vet with relentlessly go-getting nature shares f*ck-ups, learnings ensue

Author: Andrew Gall


Making mistakes means having a curious, ambitious nature. So at CF, we're shining a light on some of the f*ck-ups made by marketing leaders throughout the advertising and marketing industry via our How I F*cked Up podcast. And we're really excited about the f*ck-ups on display in Episode 2, featuring industry vet Todd Lombardo.

Todd is a marketer with big ambitions to always make things great, which can lead to some epic f*ck-ups everyone can take a lesson or two from. He has held everything from Managing Director to Head of Client Services positions on both the agency and client side at The Many, Deutsch, and Yahoo!, among others. At his current position as founder of Supr, Inc., Todd helps ad agencies attract talent, grow, and ultimately, figure out what the heck they stand for. Which is really, really important right now.

In the episode, Todd drops knowledge gem after knowledge gem on a range of topics. Like the regrets of sending a strongly worded email. Or how to understand the crucial difference between responsibility versus authority—and what happens when you don't.

The next installment of ad therapy through the art of making mistakes begins as soon as you smash this link. Or this one.