There’s no romance like rainy romance


A first-of-its-kind rain booth in the name of Seattle. Naturally.

A kiss in the rain is one of the most romantic moments in cinema. And while those moments may be second nature to Seattle residents, not every city can be so lucky. So we helped destination marketing client Visit Seattle bring a little precipitation to two rain-starved cities in the form of a first-of-its-kind, fully sustainable experience: The Seattle Rain Booth.

We brought the experiential marketing campaign to life by activating the booth in the bustling, sweaty centers of both Venice Beach and Scottsdale,  encouraging visitors to experience what Seattle’s real cozy season feels like as they consider their travel options for the fall season.

To close the loop online, travelers could choose from dozens of hotel partnership packages designed around a little misty romance.

The fully sustainable booth captured Seattle’s rainy-day joys as people kissed in the rain, danced in the rain, and rejoiced in the promise of a rainy Seattle day. –

Of course, the media swooned over the idea.

An experience as sustainable as it was romantic.

It was imperative that we conserved the glorious rain we brought to the parched visitor markets of Scottsdale and Venice Beach. The 17’ x 16’ wood-paneled booth had rainfall that was captured and pumped back to make the booth fully sustainable.

The Rainy Results


rain-deprived cities


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