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A friend of ours was touring the agency office, browsing our work on the walls. He suddenly stopped and said, “All your work is very . . . human.”

We couldn’t agree more. We invest heavily in research tools (more than almost any agency our size), but an audience segment isn’t the same as a living, breathing, thinking, feeling human being. So our shared humanity is reflected in all we do, the way we work, and how we treat each other and our clients.

Whether we’re turning professional baseball players into the guys next door or showing how travel truly feeds the soul, we create emotional connections between people and the brands they choose to be part of their lives.




How do we define advertising, marketing, and branding in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape? That’s a heady question, and we applaud you for asking.

To help narrow it down, here’s a short list of our core competencies:


  • Research
  • Strategy
  • Segmentation
  • Reporting & Analytics


  • Strategy
  • Planning
  • Design


  • Social & Digital Strategy
  • Social Channel Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Programmatic


  • Creative
  • Campaigns
  • Media
  • Partnership
  • Experiential




Who we choose to surround ourselves with is what makes C+F what it is today.

We’re a collection of passionate, caring, smart, and talented people who come together to do great things for our clients. Here are some of the folks you’ll see walking the halls and filling our walls with brilliant thinking.

Jim has received lifetime achievement awards from three different marketing organizations. “I have a great future behind me,” he quips. And some good ideas still ahead.

Jim Copacino
CCO + co-founder

Art major turned CFO turned fearless founder. Knows brand strategy and positioning like she knows her own twin girls. Favorite color is black. With black accents.

Betti Fujikado
CEO + co-founder

He’s led large agencies, won over tough clients, and solved the thorniest of marketing challenges. Now he’s leading the charge at C+F.

Scott Foreman
Managing Director

His brain is half-creative, half-strategist, and half–digital technologist. Clearly, no parts are devoted to math.

Mike Hayward
Exe. Creative Director

Has a researcher’s ability to mine data and a philosopher’s way of making sense of it all. Smart as heck but pronounces “Socrates” like they do in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

Tim O’Mara
Director of Engagement Strategy

A media mix master, Tonya orchestrates the group that plans how messages are seen, heard, and felt. Did you just feel like buying something? That’s her work.

Tonya Murphy
Media Director

Has advertising in his blood and client brands on his brain. Nothing excites him more than taking on a tough marketing challenge. Seriously. Nothing. It’s kind of weird.

Chris Copacino
Account Director

Got a thorny branding problem to solve? Guess what: Rebecca’s already solved it. Under budget. And drafted a wicked smart brief for the next assignment. Don’t you just love Rebecca? You do.

Rebecca Arbeene
Account Director

The kind of creative that gives creatives a good name. Helps direct the charge at C+F with work that gets noticed and gets clients all jacked up. In the right way.

Andrew Gall
Group Creative Director

As a leading general of the digital and social revolution, Paul is more of a lover of social than a fighter.

Paul Balcerak
Senior Social Media Strategist

The answer to the question: “Who manages project management?” Don’t let his relaxed demeanor fool you. He’s the make-things-happen guy who won’t stop until it’s done.

Dimitri Perera
Marketing Sciences Manager

Proud Members of MAGNET Network

As members of the MAGNET network, we’re part of a collection of 40 independent marketing and communications agencies with offices nationally and internationally. Which gives us resources at-the-ready in every major market around the globe.

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