A case for embracing f*ck-ups, fully and transparently

Author: Andrew Gall

The idea of leading emotionally and empathetically has never been more important. Sometimes that means showing we're more than just C-suite people, ad agency leaders, or (which is, more often than not, the case with me) general windbag-types with an occasional insight or two to offer.

Beginning in 2021, I started an internal monthly salon series called "How I F*cked Up." In these sessions, outside marketing leaders who were generous enough to share their stories as guest speakers told their career mistakes and lessons learned with candor and vulnerability. The simple and distinct purpose was, and is, to normalize f*ck-ups. Because they happen. 

Nobody should keep f*ck-ups to themselves. That's why I am proud to bring these epic failure tales to the airwaves as part of the new CF Podcast Series.

My first esteemed guest is Melissa Herron, a Seattle-based marketing veteran with experience in agencies big and small—from DDB to Microsoft to her current position as founder of Wisdom, a company focused on retaining women in the workplace. As a trailblazer in a traditionally male-dominated field, Melissa sheds light on the challenges women face in the advertising industry, and delves into her personal struggle balancing career aspirations with motherhood and the expectations placed on women in high-pressure roles.

There's a ton of great Wisdom (pardon the pun) contained here. So do your ears a favor and check it out on Spotify or Apple. And expect new CF Podcast Series episodes on a variety of advertising-related subject matter in the months to come.