Brains For Sale

Author: Rosilynn Yoon

Sometimes, the power of a powerful creative idea is all you need. Brains for Sale from Copacino Fujikado.

We get it. You may not need everything we do.

Maybe you’ve done all the strategic work and want an agency to run with it. Or maybe you want a fresh creative perspective on your brand. Or maybe it’s launch time, and you need to make a huge impact in a timely manner with a big idea you can then take and execute through production with your internal team.

No two marketer needs from an agency are alike. And we know that you don’t always need an agency partner to, well, “over-agency” things.

That’s why we offer Brains for Sale. Here’s what it is: a team of proven senior creatives dedicated to delivering three big, powerful campaign ideas for one flat fee in a matter of weeks—not months. It’s not quite big ideas on demand, but it’s the next closest thing.

If you want to put our brains to work for you, call our Executive Director of Business Development Chris Copacino at 206.794.5570.

  • 3 big creative platforms for one set price
  • 3 weeks from start to finish
  • Delivered with enough details to get you into production quickly