Dear Brands of Seattle,

Author: Scott Foreman, CEO


As we come through one of the most difficult periods in living memory, businesses will find themselves returning to a range of unprecedented challenges. “Business as never before” will need to replace “Business as usual.” This shift will mean revisiting every aspect of the operation, rethinking many processes, and reconsidering several assumptions.


Communication will remain central to this effort. By communication, I don’t just mean commercial messaging for customers, but engaging effectively with anyone who is important to the business who has been impacted by this crisis–key influencers, those all the way along the supply chain, and of course employees. It will require thoughtfulness, tact, wit, and imagination.


Fortunately, we live in a city bubbling over with creative talent. We can all be proud that so many of the world’s most transformative businesses–from Microsoft to Starbucks to Amazon–choose to call Seattle their home. This reality rings just as true in the advertising industry. The city’s creative agencies have attracted top talent from around the world, bringing people from major hubs to the Pacific Northwest. What we’ve found–perhaps like so many companies around here–is that, when someone gets the chance to live and work in Seattle, they tend to want to stay. While we are proud of the talent we have nurtured locally, over half of our people began life in the various advertising capitals of the U.S. and beyond. I know from my conversations with counterparts at other local agencies that they too boast similar proportions of transplants into the city. Becoming a magnet for the best people has boosted the potency of the industry here in the Northwest beyond recognition in recent years. 


It remains very unclear how we as a community will emerge from lockdown, but we do know one thing: Seattle will continue to thrive as a creative hub, with the best-of-the-best agency talent right at your doorsteps, and ready for a chance to show you what we can do.


Scott Foreman, CEO, Copacino Fujikado