Welcome  Tammy!


Allow us to introduce ourselves. 

We are truly excited to be working with you. Here is a little about who we are. How we think. 
And a brief history of our relationship with Visit Seattle.

We started with the Seattle Mariners back in the 1900's. 1998, to be exact. 

Some of our PNW friends.

Northwest roots. Massive ambitions. 

Make no mistake: we have worked with so many clients with the word “Seattle” in their name, we have pretty much lost count. But it goes way beyond that. As the Northwest has grown into a tech hub and hotbed for industry, our focus has been helping make local-based companies into household names on a national scale—from wine to life insurance.


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Agency of the year,
two times over.

We are proud to be the only Northwest agency to be recognized by Adage as a small agency of the year twice in the past five years. We’re currently gunning for a third piece of hardware.

CF and Visit Seattle. A storied relationship.

Our relationship with Visit Seattle began in 2012, and 2021 initiated a welcome reunion we hope to continue for decades to come. Here is a glimpse at where we have been and where we are going.

We did big numbers with big numbers. 

With the 2 Days in Seattle campaign, we counted up all the reasons to love our city—from food to wine to arts and culture—and put out a simple challenge to travelers: how much Seattle goodness can you pack into a 2-day weekend trip? We helped visitors build their itineraries using everything from train station takeovers to a first-of-its-kind influencer program within our focus markets.


When the state of Washington signed a marriage equality law, we found a huge travel opportunity.

Marry Me in Seattle. 

As one of only three states to pass a bill legalizing gay marriage at the time, we wanted LGBTQ travelers to know that if they couldn’t get married in their own city, we would love it if they would get married in ours. The campaign included a special giveaway: four Seattle dream weddings for LGBTQ travelers from out of state. Hotels and businesses donated everything from champagne to airfare to help make each First Wednesday Wedding unforgettable.

Now as our own Emerald City is in view, I couldn't be happier to say 'I do' to my greatest ally and closest friend.

– Zachary Baker, newly-married in Seattle –

"Marry Me in Seattle" earned 17.5 million media impressions and a variety of national and global media coverage.

Our current campaign.

I Know a Place...because nobody knows Seattle like local Seattleites know Seattle.

When you travel, there are no better recommendations than ones from true locals. We created long-form content featuring local influentials sharing their local favorites—and strategically deployed what we captured into dozens of formats across the media landscape.  

"I Know a Place" won some ADDY hardware. And while that is never our ultimate goal, it is always a nice affirmation. 

This campaign has legs. Millions of them. 

We are continuing to bring the I Know a Place campaign to life in new ways from everything from brand advertising to new content partnerships and beyond.

Experiences designed to build big Seattle buzz.

Our goal: put Seattle on the map in ways that are impossible for travelers and the media to ignore.

Inviting out-of-market couples to experience rainy romance

We are promoting Seattle’s rainy fall season as a steamy getaway for precipitation-starved travelers through a one-of-a-kind “kissing in the rain” booth in a dry market.

Whew. What a journey. 
With such an incredible city to promote, we feel like we are just getting started. And we cannot wait to partner with you on what comes next. 

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