This holiday season, Seattle steals the show


Showcasing the city’s holiday wonder in wonderfully dramatic fashion. 

Seattle is a truly glorious place to experience the holidays. The magical decorations. The countless activities. Plus, one of the most talented theater scenes in the country to boot. There’s almost too much holiday goodness to promote! Almost.

This year, we leveled things up by bringing everything wonderful about the Seattle holidays together to create a musical production devoted to the city’s myriad of holiday happenings—like WildLanterns at Woodland Park Zoo and the city’s variety of wonderous holiday performances.

We brought together everyone from a ballet dancer, drag performer, professional choreographer, set designer, and (of course) Scrooge to create special performances so bombastic, it made the idea of spending the holidays anywhere besides Seattle feel like…a bit of a letdown.


The perfect way to capture the spirit of the season: OOH boards full of whimsy.