Meet Jibber & Jabber


Annuities and insurance products can be really confusing.

And less reputable financial firms use complicated lingo to sneak in hidden fees and penalties into contract language. Not Symetra. They strive for clarity and honesty, and only offer products that are truly beneficial to their customers.

Our own research confirmed consumer skepticism. As one participant said, “I’m an educated person but these products make me feel dumb.”

So while other financial companies were speaking in broad generalities about “security” and “stability”, we tackled consumers' concerns about insurance and annuities head-on. 

A likable duo who drive people nuts

We introduced two characters, Jibber and Jabber, a humorous physical embodiment of everything frustrating and confusing about overly complicated language, financial and otherwise. And were able to position Symetra as the much-needed relief to those in need of financial products.

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A tongue-in-cheek look at a serious topic… Our products may be complex, but we can explain them clearly and in plain English.

– Kathryn Riley, Assistant VP, Brand Marketing

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Jibber & Jabber: definitely the social type

Symetra is significanlty outspent in advertising, with their nearest competitor spending more than twice as much annually. So our social and digital campaign had to be eye-catching and engaging to generate a high ROI.

The Smashing Results

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increase in key brand equity measure “provides clarity”

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higher video completion rate than industry average