Local icons welcome everyone aboard


Three new stops on Sound Transit’s Link light rail bring neighborhoods throughout the region closer together.

With stations opening in the Roosevelt, U District, and Northgate neighborhoods, Sound Transit needs to let riders know when the new stations open, and entice them to explore everything each newly-accessible neighborhood on the route has to offer. So who—and what—better to spread the news than the local neighborhood legends themselves?

Roaring News
We brought this campaign to life in radio by interviewing the Burke Museum dinosaur and Roosevelt moose, translated by an interviewer who, thankfully, happened to be fluent in both roars and grunts.

Trex Going to Cabo

Moose on Skates

Neighborhoods get more neighborly
With the Northgate expansion making it faster and easier to get from one side of region to the other, we brought local icons closer together—literally—by creating tons of mashups based on each respective light rail station. 


Illustrated icon of a megaphone, representing excitement or news

Quick commutes, enduring satisfaction

Using tangible ride times between two popular neighborhoods, we remind riders—T-Rex, Husky, Fremont Troll and Roosevelt Moose included—that their favorite things were just a handful of traffic-free minutes away.

Illustrated icon of a thumbs up, representing social media positive engagement

A welcoming experience online, too 

The landing page celebrates the station openings with fanfare, while highlighting real people in the neighborhoods. The site touts popular local destinations, 360° views of the sparkling new stations, rider tips and more.

Ride. Selfie. Snapchat.

On Snapchat, we geotarget riders and reward them with a "window seat" alongside one of our friendly mascots.

 In addition to their exceptional collaboration with our team, they brought something unique to the table that I haven’t always experienced working with agencies—they listened.

– Tim Healy, Marketing Director, Sound Transit –