A gift for all kid-kind

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Inspiring donors to open their hearts and wallets.

Seattle Children’s groundbreaking research is accelerating new treatments and cures for kids facing cancer, cystic fibrosis, epilepsy, diabetes and much more. Unfortunately, federal funding is extremely limited for pediatric research–childhood cancer research receives just 3% of federal research funding. The rest must be made up through philanthropy.

We needed to inspire donors across the state to support Seattle Children’s research efforts during the biggest fundraising season of all–year end. But with national fundraising competitors such as St. Jude outspending Seattle Children’s 4:1 during the holidays, it was going to be challenge. 

We put a face on philanthropy

Research shows people give more when presented with a single identifiable child in need, so we introduced the world to Aliyanna, a 2-year-old from Oregon who wasn’t supposed to live past day one. 

A gift for all kid-kind

Thanks to a groundbreaking clinical trial at Seattle Children’s, Aliyanna overcame an aggressive form of cancer. We captured first-hand accounts of Aliyanna during her appointments and at home to build an expansive, organization-wide holiday giving campaign illustrating the true impact of a donation–the gift of a lifetime.

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You could see she was filling up with life.

– Aliyanna’s mom, Daisy –

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Every gift counts when she’s counting on you.

To show donors why their gift matters so much, we put everything they needed to know into a seamless landing page experience. With Aliyanna’s story, undeniable numbers, and power claims about the great work happening at Seattle Children's, donors couldn’t ignore the impact their gift would have. 

Driving donations

The campaign was a full-funnel approach with broad-brand messaging about changing the odds for children like Aliyanna, transitioning to donor-specific messaging and direct asks. 



The Smashing Results

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