Caring for Alaska hearts


Pediatric Cardiology of Alaska (PCA) is part of Seattle Children’s and one of the top heart centers in the country.

But despite a 25-year history in the state, and a staff that all call Alaska home, clinic doctors are perceived as outsiders and medical tourists—residents falsely assume doctors fly up from Seattle Children’s main hospital for brief periods, then return home to Seattle.

As a result, many parents turn to lesser heart centers when a cardiac issue arises, believing they’re “real locals” who understand the communities. So we had to not only convey PCA’s cardiac expertise, but drive home that doctors and staff are all true Alaskans. 

Family of five in a green wooded area
In Alaska. For Alaskans.

By showing providers in the clinics, traveling from Anchorage to treat kids in remote areas, and with their own families in well-known Alaska locales, we built an integrated story of caring for and living in the communities they serve.

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The question I get asked a lot is how often do I fly up from Seattle? The answer is, I live here.

– Doctor Kollins, PCA –

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A highly-targeted campaign

Pinpoint targeting helped us reach a large percentage of parents across the entire state of Alaska, even with a modest budget. And it worked. We got nearly 80,000 engagements from social alone. So wherever they were, Alaska parents could rest assured there was a heart specialist nearby. 

The Smashing Results

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during the campaign, up from near zero

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