Simply put, it’s simply better


The words “simple” and “health plan” aren’t often used together.

Health plans can be complicated, confusing and fraught with billing surprises, but Premera Blue Cross is dedicated to minimizing red tape and complexity. In order to overcome consumer skepticism though, we decided to simplify our approach too. 

Person using an app to help fill out a child's soccer team registration form Play video
A doctor on a smart tablet talking Play video
A smart phone with the Premera app open in the foreground, an ankle with ice pack in the background Play video

We showed what simplicity looks like when it comes to a Premera health plan using real-life scenarios that quickly conveyed the consumer benefit.

A cast became the star

A blue arm cast demonstrated a price comparison tool, while a beach ball told the story of a health plan that traveled with you. Shot on white cyc with simple props and conversational voiceover, we demonstrated some of the newest tools available to Premera.

Blue background with white text reading The Cost Comparison Tool from Premera Blue Cross Play video
Two feet in the sand next to a beach ball and box of tissues Play video
A car engine on a white background with hands in the foreground Play video