Teaming up in the name of mental health


Premera and the Seattle Kraken joined forces to combat the mental health stigma.

It’s a fact: 1 in 5 Americans deal with a mental health condition every year. But because the stigma persists, many sufferers do so in silence. Premera worked with the Seattle Kraken to create a mental health awareness campaign focused on reminding viewers that no matter who you are or what you do, seeking help is the most important first step you can take. 
We launched the campaign with a :30 television spot, which debuted during The Kraken’s Mental Health Awareness night at Climate Pledge Arena. The spot continued running throughout the hockey season, as well as during the 2021 Winter Olympic Games.

Whoever you are, It’s OK to ask for help. 
Deep, introspective conversations among Kraken teammates helped to further normalize mental health subject matter. Each player shared personal stories of their own struggles in this series of online videos produced as content for #HockeyTalks, a national public awareness campaign for NHL teams designed to encourage conversations and share support about mental health. 

The Results


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