Wine with a taste of the macabre


The light and dark side of wine.

Prayers of Sinners and Saints—a two-bottle set featuring glow in the dark ink that hints at the supernatural—was set to launch in key markets around Halloween. So our goal was to increase awareness and pull-through at retail. 

The product itself held a secret reveal, so our campaign did as well. We used ambigrams to show the duality of personalities, as everyone has a little bit of good and a little bit of bad in them. 

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A spooky good time

The integrated campaign leveraged the striking bottle art along with provocative messaging playing on the duality of sinners and saints. High impact ad units captured attention with eye-catching visuals and drove to a campaign landing page that continued the story. 

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Social media that bore into your soul

We targeted both saints and sinners on Snapchat and Instagram. Using native behavior like the tap-through function on Stories, we asked provocative questions, and carried the viewer along with us as we flipped the script and revealed the truth with dual-worded ambigrams and glow-in-the-dark text. We also maximized our social presence with grids that collectively told our brand story while still working as individual content pieces.  

The Smashing Results

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