Megan, Sue & Symetra


Symetra Life Insurance Company has offered stable, risk-free annuities and life insurance products for more than 60 years. 

The brand was set to make a big splash during the summer games with superstar athletes and power couple Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird. Then COVID hit. But with people now stuck at home, even pro athletes, it was the perfect opportunity to position Symetra as a company that can provide financial certainty for an uncertain future.

Picture of professional soccer player Megan Rapino brushing her teeth and dribbling a soccer ball
Megan and Sue: just like us

Stuck in your home with all plans thrown out the window? Megan and Sue can relate – a trip to Tokyo for gold turned into watching movies on the couch. Through video and social posts we revealed Megan and Sue were also trying to make the best of it, and taking the downtime to assess their financial future too.  

Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird on a couch looking toward the camera Play video
WNBA star Sue Bird looking at her freshly baked banana bread loaf Play video
Megan Rapinoe adjusting the position of a chair in her home Play video
Megan Rapinoe tending to her plants at the windowsill Play video
Megan Rapinoe brushing teeth and dribbling a soccer ball Play video
WNBA star Sue Bird practicing basketball drills in her home Play video

While they didn’t have Japan, Megan and Sue still had their moment to shine as co-hosts for the ESPY awards. We timed our launch to coincide with their appearance, debuting the TV campaign during their hosting duties. 


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Socially distanced social media 
Though our happy couple couldn’t socialize outside their house, their time stuck inside made for an engaging social campaign. We leveraged one day of shooting with our stars into a collection of content that spanned across platforms.

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The Smashing Results

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