Calling all explorers


In a competitive, commoditized cruise industry, differentiation is key.

While many cruise lines have gone the adrenaline route, adding onboard go-karts, roller coasters and water slides, Holland America Line has continued to cater to a more discerning traveler. A traveler who values enriching experiences over amusement park thrills. 

We focused on the brand’s core strengths, and audience insights uncovered through research, to position Holland America Line as the cruise line for explorers, foodies and music lovers. 

Two gondolas in the Venice canals Play video
View from the rooftops of a city in Europe Play video
Wide view of Alaska mountains with train running along the mountainside Play video

Travelers, not tourists

With rich destinations and lively, active imagery we evoked the grandeur and excitement of sea travel—the kind of “thrills” that appeal to a more sophisticated traveler.

Print ad with scenes from a cruise to Alaska
Print ad with scenes from a cruise to Asia
Print ad with scenes of food and wine experiences

The Smashing Results

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