Making “good” greater


Everyone knows Goodwill is the ultimate thrift store. It was up to us to show them how much good really happens there. 

Sure, Goodwill is a great place to get one-of-a-kind stuff and find once-in-a-lifetime hidden gems, but it’s good for so much more. In the crowded industry of commerce and a changing outlook on social responsibility, our challenge was to help Goodwill share the story that most people don’t know. 

Since its founding, Goodwill has been preparing people for opportunity in fields like construction, aerospace, and the maritime industry, through the free classes they teach right here in the Northwest. 

We created a campaign to show consumers just how much of an impact their purchases, donations, and dollars really make. 

Illustrated icon of a megaphone, representing excitement or news
Illustrated icon of a megaphone, representing excitement or news

Social dramatized the moment where something good becomes something greater

With a camera mounted 24 feet in the air (and a whole lot of thrifted props) we built a larger-than-life way to show the impact of Goodwill in a way that played well on the small screen. 

Our mission runs through everything we do—and CF was able to articulate it to our community in a way we haven’t before.

Daryl Campbell, Goodwill President & CEO