The Juans behind the wine


A big winery that acts small. 

Despite significant growth over the years, Columbia Crest has stayed true to its small craft winery roots. They still grow all their own grapes, rare for a winery their size, and the team is very hands on, working closely to ensure a high-quality product.

With younger wine drinkers turning towards smaller, newer wineries and away from traditional wine snobbery, we wanted to tell the Columbia Crest craft story in a way that would feel accessible, engaging and unique in the category. Enter: Juan & Juan on Wine

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Juan & Juan on Wine

 Meet Juan Munoz-Oca, head winemaker, and Juan Uribe, vineyard manager. Together, they became the stars of Juan & Juan on Wine, a content series that personified the brand. A joint production between our FreshCoat Studios team and Columbia Crest's in-house team, we produced 20 individual videos over a two-year span.

I found ‘Juan and Juan’ just completely charming…simple, funny, a little bit weird. I liked it more every time I saw it.

– Addy Judge on his Judge’s Choice Award –

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Juan & Juan can talk

Paid social drove video views, and viewers back to our custom landing page featuring the full collection of Juan & Juan videos, and a deeper dive into the Columbia Crest brand and winemaking philosophy.

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