A cell plan gets two paws up


Consumer Cellular offers customized plans for users age 50+, but many don’t know exactly how much data they need.

As cellular giants tout unlimited plans and fees to match, we wanted to show our audience that Consumer Cellular ensures they never overpay for data they don’t need. But first we needed to demonstrate to an older audience what data use looks like.

Saint Bernard dog with his tongue hanging out

We found the answer in furry friends.

Research showed that 55% of adults age 50 to 80 own pets. And pet photos and videos are frequently shared and viewed amongst our audience. So we translated GBs into everything dog and cat to put cell data into an easy-to-grasp language.

Man bending down to take a photo with a woman standing nearby Play video
Cute shaggy dog sitting on the grass near owner's feet Play video
Two people in a cafe looking at the newspaper and a smart phone Play video
“Max, say cheese!”

 We created a campaign featuring older adults texting, streaming, and video chatting about their pets to show the versatility of Consumer Cellular plans. 

Illustrated icon of a megaphone, representing excitement or news
Illustrated icon of a megaphone, representing excitement or news

Cats and social media: the perfect match

We couldn't let canines have all the fun, so we brought the campaign to life in social too, demonstrating exactly how many cat videos equal 1 GB of data.