Let’s make some fun commercials together.

Thanks for being part of the team!

First off, we wanted to offer our sincere gratitude for considering being a part of this ad campaign. We know that as professionals, every moment of your time is valuable—especially at the beginning of a long season. 

We’ve been working with athletes for 25 years—most famously, the Mariners. The commercials have been shared and talked about yearly by SportsCenter, Sports Illustrated, and more.  

Our goal for your participation in these commercials is to make the whole experience entertaining and easy—and at the same time, connect you to the city of Seattle and the fans. 

In this case, your role is to become part of a “street team” who is promoting Premera Blue Cross off the ice.

We’ll give you some fun props to work with and make you look great—no acting talent required.

Here are some fun commercials we’ve made in the past to get you pumped