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An East Coast insurance company wanted to reach the tech crowd in the West.

With low brand awareness and intense competition, it wouldn’t be easy. As the city’s tech industry was booming, and new residents were arriving in record numbers, CF saw an opportunity: moving to a new city is one of the few triggers that leads to a reconsideration of home and auto insurance. 

If Amica could reach incoming Seattleites first, they’d have a competitive advantage. With this key insight, was born. It was a one-of-a-kind digital property designed to help newcomers find their place in a new city…and find the right insurance company too. 

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Forty neighborhoods, find the one

We developed a web app to match people with neighborhoods around the city, including a custom quiz that connected lifestyles to locations. The site was built using more than 20 API data sources that let users explore neighborhoods by price and interests -- including running trails, parks, schools, traffic and more.

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We spread the word

Through an integrated campaign that included OOH, transit, social and digital, as well as a content partnership with The Seattle Times—everyone in the Seattle area saw the message.

Digital Find My Seattle ad for Amica
Digital ad for Amica
Digital Find my Seattle ad for Amica
Digital Find My Seattle ad for Amica
Bus wrap advertising for Amica

The Smashing Results

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