Hard-working health plans


Premera Blue Cross has created an entire spectrum of enhanced offerings and products for employers, designed to fit any business need.

But for consumers who get their health plans through their employer, the choice is often made for them via decision makers at the company. While Premera has a lot for business owners and benefits managers to like, its health plans aren’t typically among the cheapest.  

As a result, we needed to speak directly to those decision makers, and reinforce that offering a quality health plan is an important way to take care of employees—it’s not the time to go bargain shopping. 

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Proprietary research delivered our “ah ha”

A CF workplace survey showed employees feel they are working harder than ever before. In Washington State, 44% believe they’re working harder now than prior to COVID-19. Employees are also putting an increased value on their health insurance, with 1 in 5 saying they’d consider leaving their current job for one with better healthcare benefits. 

Shining a light on hard workers

In a fully integrated, multi-media campaign, we showed employees working hard and going the extra mile. Not because a supervisor is watching, but because they care about their jobs and their companies. Employees who work this hard certainly deserve a health plan that works hard for them. Like Premera Blue Cross.

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A social campaign that mirrored real life

Through targeted posts, we reflected the environment current employees now find themselves in – trying to balance working from home with life at home, putting in late hours and extra effort to help companies power through tough times.

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The future hit the airwaves

Premera Radio Spot
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The Smashing Results

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